5 Reasons It Is Important To Keep Your Garage Equipment Regularly Maintained.

Garages and vehicle testing stations have a duty to follow best practice and comply with industry standards. It’s also vital that they ensure optimum functionality of all garage equipment. Here, we have created a guide in just 5 points to explain the importance of keeping garage equipment properly maintained:

1. Compliance –

There are two main regulations that garage and vehicle test centres need to comply with. The ‘Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations’ were put in place under the Health and Safety at Work Act to protect the workforce from accidents caused by faulty lift equipment. The ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations’ were put in place to ensure all equipment and machinery are well-maintained, safe to use and fit for purpose. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in legal ramifications for garage owners.

2. Accident prevention –

Faulty equipment, such as MOT lifts and service lifts could cause accidents resulting in serious injury, or worse, to garage personnel. Regular maintenance of garage equipment helps to identify issues (and replacements or repairs can be put into place before any damage is caused).

3. Minimise vehicle damage –

Drivers trust their local garage or MOT station to properly test and repair vehicles to a safe standard. Garage personnel must ensure that any equipment used – such as gas analysers and brake testers – are in full working order in order to prevent any damage being caused to vehicles which could lead to serious accidents or injury. 

4. Money saving –

Ensuring your garage equipment is regularly maintained increases the chances of recognising faults or issues early. Repairs can be carried out in a timely manner and parts can be purchased without any downtime. In addition, costly replacements can be avoided as regular maintenance increases the life of the equipment.

5. Improve reputation –

All local garages run on reputation. Even one small incident caused by faulty equipment could ruin the hard work that garage owners put into their business. Well-maintained garage equipment goes a long way to ensuring that your reputation remains undamaged.


Crypton Technology understands that garage equipment should be thoroughly inspected and maintained on a regular basis and has been proudly working with garage and vehicle test station owners since 1920. Find out more about how our after-sales support team can help you keep your equipment running at maximum capacity.

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