A Complete Guide to OSCA: Cloud Based Diagnostics Part 2

Some people in the automotive aftermarket and the garage industry may have heard the word OSCA buzzing around occasionally and as one of their primary distributors we wanted to provide a guide into how the OSCA cable can help your business grow. The OSCA cable can help with a myriad of the automotive aftermarket industries’ diagnostic needs, including: automotive locksmiths, tow bar installers, body shops, ADAS technicians and general garage professionals. So, in this brief guide we will outline the benefits you can expect from adding an OSCA cable to your business’s arsenal.

Expert advice at your fingertips

One of the greatest advantages of working with OSCA is their team of master automotive technicians. Their knowledge is available to you when it’s needed and they are always happy to help and the OSCA cable is a bridge between the vehicle it’s connected to and them.

OSCA’s technicians have a range of varied backgrounds, including seasoned immobiliser specialists that have spent years working as automotive locksmiths, experienced diagnostic experts that can work on almost any module and diagnose faults, veteran mechanics that have been part of the Institute of Motor Mechanics for years and finally a range of partners in the aftermarket that can handle almost any diagnostic and programming job that you can throw at them. So, if you want a leading diagnostic tool as well as expert support then you need look no further. This expertise highlights another advantage of the OSCA cable; it mitigates the need to be constantly upskilling your technician with diagnostic training which can be both time consuming and costly.

Thousands of Applications to expand your business

Another way the OSCA Cable can give your garage a distinct advantage is through the sheer amount of diagnostic applications it can add to your garage business. With over 5800 unique applications you will be sure to find something that can help to increase your potential income. If you are thinking of expanding or diversifying then this tool will prove invaluable to you.

The application list provides an easy to use and quick method of finding the exact diagnostic task that you require; it’s as simple as searching for make, model, or a specific job. For instance, if you need the front radar module calibrating on a 2020 Ford Puma, you can simply type the details into the search bar and the job will appear. Have a browse through their full application list here.

This will allow for your technicians to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. This application covers both the original OSCA cable and OSCA 2.0.

The list is extensive, containing a list of thousands of jobs, including multiple ECU applications, BCU programming and crash fault code clearing. This will inevitably allow your garage to carry out more part replacements and more jobs in less time, so the opportunities for diversifying and expanding your workshop are endless and it’s really up to you where you want to invest.

As a diagnostic tool it covers the full range of functions so a standard garage that carries regular equipment could easily branch out into tow bar fitting with the OSCA cable, for example. This would be a simple matter of buying a few pieces of additional equipment and a single technician investing a small amount of time into learning how to do 13-pin wiring for popular vehicles that have demand for aftermarket tow bars, then the OSCA cable does the rest of the diagnostics including programming the rear brake light modules, rear sensor modules and the transmission module.

Advantages over other diagnostic tools

OSCA is an excellent addition to your current diagnostic tools. The key things to take away is that OSCA is more affordable and efficient than a lot of other diagnostic tools. It also saves you time as it doesn’t require much of your technician’s manual input and knowledge and simply requires plugging into the OBD port and connecting to WiFi. Then you can let the OSCA team get to work, freeing up that technician to do other jobs.

For example, an Autel MaxiSysUltra costs £4995+VAT when OSCA 2.0 only costs £1049.99+VAT with a 12-month subscription. OSCA has no costs for updates (an Autel update costs £745+VAT) and you only pay as little as £9.99+VAT, without a subscription, for the jobs you need. These are just few reasons why OSCA can help your garage, body shop, or automotive locksmith business making it an excellent addition to your other tools.

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