Adapting to the changing vehicle landscape

Buying trends are changing in other markets, so the repair industry should too.

We know it’s been far from normal over the past 18 months. Lockdowns inevitably brought the closure of non-essential retail, meaning more time spent at home and less time out and about buying items; but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly for our industry.

As travel trends have changed, so has the way consumers purchase items. Changes have seen a rise in home shopping deliveries, increasing the number of LCV vehicles on the road delivering goods. More LCVs on the road means more opportunity for service and maintenance to keep them safe.

What does this mean for the vehicle owner or business?

 If an LCV vehicle is off the road, it comes with consequences. One less vehicle for a business, means one less avenue of income; this is where you come in.

How can we help?

Getting LCV maintenance in and out efficiently is paramount for businesses relying on vehicles. As the UK’s leading parts distributor, we have created downloadable brochures broken up by brand to support you when servicing and maintaining LCVs coming into workshops.

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