Bosch eXchange brake calipers for value-based repairs

Bosch eXchange brake calipers are manufactured and tested according to the same quality standards as original parts – but with an outstanding price-performance ratio.


Brake calipers often last as long as the entire vehicle itself. Nevertheless, they are wear parts and must be checked every time the brake system is serviced, repaired or modified – especially in case the vehicle is equipped with floating brake calipers.

Q: When is the right time to change brake calipers?
A: Experience has shown that – properly maintained – brake calipers feature service lives of approx 90,000 miles. This only applies if the mechanics make sure they slide properly every time the brake pads are  replaced. If necessary, a brake caliper repair kit can be used. It consists of guide pins, screws, protective caps and a special brake lubricant. If the brake calipers need to be replaced, it is advisable to change them in pairs per front and rear axle in order to prevent uneven wear of brake discs and pads.

Q: How often do they need to be
A: As mentioned before, brake calipers must be checked every time mechanics work on the brake system. This allows recognising minor problems and preventing more serious ones – such as brake fluid leaks caused by multiple parts such as the brake hose calipers – in due time. Poor brake caliper sliding can also lead to inefficiency in braking and blockage. Wear on the brake pads sometimes indicates caliper problems. Especially wear differences between right and left side of the vehicle often point at a faulty brake caliper. In this case, it must be checked if the calipers partially block or no longer slide properly. And they should be clean. As all brake components are part of the entire brake system, the proper function of all components has to be ensured. The outcome can be the use of a brake kit or the replacement of the calipers.

Q: What is the advantage of Bosch eXchange brake calipers?
A: Brake calipers contain parts made of rubber that are sensitive to climatic fluctuations, bad weather conditions and salt brought out on the roads in winter. The brakes are vulnerable in this point. During the series remanufacturing of brake calipers, all assemblies are thus checked and revised on the basis of precisely defined specifications. This includes the operation of the handbrake, its adjustment unit, the caliper housing and pistons. Certain components – such as the piston, the seal and the dust cover – are always completely replaced by new parts. A strict quality management system monitors the entire process at Bosch eXchange. The outcome: replacement parts are featuring premium quality.

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