Crypton Launches VCI for Quick & Reliable Emissions Data & Workshop Owners to keep up with strict Legislation

Garage equipment specialist Crypton has launched a new Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) for its emissions analyser, allowing workshops and MOT centres to deliver more efficient, accurate and reliable emissions test results.

The company’s new DAD-C1 Bluetooth VCI unit has been designed to make the emissions testing process easier for garages. With garages experiencing higher volumes of work after the DVSA’s MOT extension expired at the end of September, this new add-on will allow workshop owners and operators to carry out tests quickly and accurately.

Integrated into the emissions testing equipment, Crypton’s VCI can instantly transfer testing metrics, such as battery RPM, removing the need for time-consuming manual data entry. This is part of a larger trend of developing MOT equipment that can be directly connected to the MOT Testing Services (MTS) system.

Connected to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) reader via Bluetooth, the VCI also represents the latest step in the automotive industry to standardise emissions tests. It helps mechanics efficiently follow increasingly stringent standards and streamlines processes by running multiple elements of the emissions test, before feeding this data into the emissions analyser.

Roy explains: “Ongoing efforts to standardise emissions tests now mean that all vehicles must have an OBD reader, specifically a European on-board diagnostics (EOBD) interface, which can be connected to VCIs. On top of this, it is anticipated that emissions tester will need to be connected to the MTS by law from 2021.

“In this shifting legal landscape, it is vital that embedded firmware used in testing equipment can be updated. Our new VCI is future-proofed in this way, with software that can be adapted to adhere to new legislation, without garage owners having to purchase new, potentially expensive equipment if they are to remain legally compliant.”


“Following the expiry of the MOT extension scheme in September, testing centres are experiencing a vehicle testing backlog,” says Roy Prosser, Product Manager PTI at Crypton. “Emissions testing is a vital part of any MOT, so any equipment that allows busy testing centres to make this process more efficient is to be welcomed.


“It is with this in mind that we have launched the VCI add-on to our connected emissions tester. Not only will this provide testers with quick, highly accurate data, the time saved on each MOT means more services can be carried out during working hours, improving garage owners’ financial bottom lines.”


There are a record number of MOT fails due to emissions. Our VCI which was launched at the end of last year can be used in conjunction with Crypton’s emissions analysers to quickly provide reliable data, such as engine RPM, to MOT testers. It can also help workshop owners keep up with increasingly strict legislation surrounding emissions, and trends concerning connected MOT equipment.

To find out how our VCI can help you keep up with these strict legislation’s contact us below.

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