Electric vehicles in the aftermarket: Are you ready for the repair?

The UK market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly. And just like their internal combustion engine-powered equivalents, they will require timely, efficient servicing and repair as they age. This represents an enormous opportunity for the aftermarket, but critically only for garages who have invested in the equipment and know-how to work safely on these vehicles. Are you ready?

The sales of electric vehicle sales in the UK bucked all the trends in 2020. Whilst new vehicle registrations as a whole plunged by nearly a third, the sales of electric vehicles grew by over 250%. This volume growth translated to a 7% market share of new registrations – a huge step-up from 2019 when only 2% of new registrations were electric.

This confirms what we all suspected – the market shift to hybrid and electric vehicles is gathering pace rapidly.

However, this is not a new trend. The early model hybrid and electric vehicles (H/EV) have been around for many years and are now transitioning out of vehicle manufacturer’s dealer networks into the aftermarket.

Whilst H/EV’s bring challenges to the aftermarket – an obvious one being the high-voltage battery – they also provide massive opportunity.

As a leading OE manufacturer of hybrid and electric vehicle technology, Delphi Technologies knows exactly what it takes to service H/EVs. And because we know these vehicles inside-out, we’re able to provide the skills and know-how to work safely on them.

Our specially designed expert-led training courses teach the fundamentals such as the need for specialist PPE, component identification, making the system safe, awareness of magnetic components, use of wiring diagrams and technical data, assessing the high voltage system, and more.

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