Explaining the Dangers of Worn Shock Absorbers: KYB Virtual Reality Safety Video

KYB Europe has a virtual reality video designed to assist in explaining the dangers of driving with worn shock absorbers.

Viewers can use special VR glasses to watch the safety video where they will experience a product test of old versus new shock absorbers. The video uses the virtual reality mode feature offered by YouTube and allows the viewer to turn their head in any direction as if they were in the car with the driver, creating an immersive experience.

The video shows two identical vehicles doing two different manoeuvres. Vehicle one has covered 80,000km and has worn shock absorbers, vehicle two has new KYB shock absorbers. They first do a slalom test to evaluate the steering and control of the vehicle at 50kph. They then perform an emergency braking test at 80kph.

It is easy for the viewer to see the differences in performance during the test, with the drivers body angle and steering control significantly improved on the vehicle with new shock absorbers. On the braking test, the stopping distance with new shock absorbers is improved by almost a full vehicle length. This is more than half the width of a typical pedestrian crossing, so could mean the difference between stopping safely or hitting a hazard. At various points, the video is paused, and measurements drawn to clearly show the difference new shock absorbers have.

KYB Europe Marketing Manager, Jordan Day, comments “I was the driver of the vehicles used in this test, and I was surprised just how dramatic the improvement in handling and control was with the new shock absorbers. I urge technicians to recognise when shock absorbers need to be replaced and to use this video to help their customers understand the dangers of worn shock absorbers”.

You can find out more information at vr.kyb-europe.com.

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