GiPA: Despite year-on-year decrease, the UK performed beyond expectations

Following the unprecedented storm that shook the UK aftermarket shores in 2020, GiPA created a quarterly aftermarket activity report called Aftermarket Pulse. The objective is simple, deliver the state of recovery of the aftermarket after the end of each quarter of 2021.

Last week GiPA delivered the Q1 results. Whilst the aftermarket suffered massively from the lack of mileage due the third national lockdown from January to March 2021, the impact on UK workshops turnover was not as bad as expected.

GiPA 2021 forecast is -9.7% vs 2019 considering a “normal year”. Q1 performed 5.3% beyond GiPA’s expectations. If the market behaviour carries on for the remaining of the year, with the same dynamic measured in Q1, GiPA UK consider that 2021 year-end can also be better than expected with a -5% decrease.


Measuring Q2 will be critical to either confirm the market trends and good recovery, or on the contrary if Q1 was a mirage and recovery speed will be slower than planned.

GiPA UK General Manager, Quentin Le Hetet says : “While Q1-2021 performed below last year activity level and even more when compared to 2019, this is a positive outcome. Currently the market needs this positivity outlook. However, we should not ignore that Q2 will be challenging with the DSVA forecasting 53% decrease of volume of MOT test to be done compared to a typical year.”

Aftermarket Pulse report provides granular analysis by types of operations as well as per type of workshops, for any question regarding the above and GiPA in the UK, feel free to contact Quentin Le Hetet.

Contact: Quentin Le Hetet
Telephone: +447760 565874

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