How can 3D Group’s Website Update Help you?

3D Group is well known for its industry-leading website; we offer the most comprehensive product descriptions and transparency on the products we stock.

It has always been of high importance that our customers can browse, explore and make informed decisions on the products they are purchasing; no second-guessing whether a product is Dealer Approved OEM or Aftermarket with 3D Group.

Our web development team have completed the changes to our website, making it better for 3D Group customers to use and easier to find the products you need. Our team has aimed to keep the website’s look and feel familiar with what you have been using; however, these changes will make the browsing and checkout process much quicker and easier for you.

This update is part of the ongoing process we take to our website; we are continually updating the features, with even more to come over the next 12 months.

Amongst the most significant changes will be a faster search and easier access to product variants as well as the choice to automatically apply bulk discounts

Bulk Buy Feature.  

We’ve made it even more straightforward for you to order the products you need! We received feedback from our customers on how we can make the ordering process easier and faster. We have added a feature to assist with this, giving you the ability to add bulk orders to your basket with just one click. 

Product Organisation.   

3D Group has an extensive stock inventory, so giving our customers the ability to find our products easily was a priority for our development team. As a result, we’ve made slight adjustments, making our catalogue simpler to navigate and quicker for you to use.   

AI Search.   

Our updated search function allows you to see personalised product recommendations, and highly accurate, relevant, instantaneous results. The website development team wanted to offer our customers a personalised experience, which predicts your needs; incredibly, this type of search allows for accurate results, even if your wording or spelling is slightly off.   

Improved User Interface.  

Many of our customers use our site when working remotely; browsing on mobile devices and tablets. So, we wanted to make the product filters easier to use and more useful for our customers, especially when you are on the go. See below for how you filter products on mobile devices. 

Visually Easier On The Eye.   

Yes, we have improved the functionality of the website! However, our tech team wanted to improve the functionality and the look and feel of this site; giving it a ‘facelift’ was on the list of things to change. Keeping up to date with visual trends and a user-friendly approach was at the forefront of the new design.   

Why Our Website Is Important To 3D Group?  

We pride ourselves on having one of the best websites in the industry; however, a lot has changed in the two years since its last update. We develop and upgrade our website in-house because we want our customers to have the most convenient experience possible. Searching for a product or service should be easy, wherever you are, no matter the device you are using. We know that many other suppliers do not consider this; we strive to provide ease of use and excellent service 24/7, which is why our website is centre stage in our business, and we continually improve it for our customers.   

We are excited to see the updates in action! 3D Group is always looking for ways to improve our online experience, adding new features and functionality to our website. Our mission has and always will be to offer the industry’s leading website.   

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