Investment key for auto companies as motorists face increased car repair costs

MAHLE Aftermarket prepares for biggest transformation in motoring history

Tightened legal frameworks, geopolitical uncertainties and technological advancements mean there is a greater need for automotive repairers to upskill and invest in the future in order to provide a credible, affordable choice for vehicle service and repair.

The automotive vehicle parc across Europe is evolving. There are more cars on the road, the average age is increasing and the types of vehicles is the most diverse it has ever been, with electric vehicles joining internal combustion engine models.

Independent motor trade (IMT) repairers account for the majority of UK service, maintenance & repair (SMR) of light vehicles. In addition, independent operators conduct the vast majority of MOT tests, accident repairs, windscreen repairs / replacement mobile / driveway repairs and other services.

There are over 35,000 ‘all-makes’ IMT repairers of various types, located in every city and town and most villages throughout the UK. The IMT service is extremely affordable, accessible and personal.

The trend towards e-mobility has the potential to push drivers away from independent repairers. Small automotive repair businesses will have to invest thousands of pounds in order to effectively repair and maintain electric vehicles, while also being able to offer affordable services to motorists.

More electrical rather than mechanical skills are required by independent businesses and the demands on workshop equipment are increasing massively.

MAHLE Aftermarket UK has restructured to embrace fully this evolving automotive sector, translating its Original Equipment (OE) expertise more robustly into the repair sector, supplying workshops and wholesalers with the right spare parts and service solutions.

MAHLE Aftermarket is helping independent workshops in the introduction of new concepts and services to motorists, providing the necessary equipment, the right spare parts, technical information and training.

Olaf Henning, Corporate Executive Vice President & General Manager MAHLE Aftermarket, said: “The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation with e-mobility solutions. MAHLE Aftermarket is positioning itself accordingly to support small businesses with the adoption of new products and services, designed to ensure that they remain the dominant choice for vehicle servicing and repair.”

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