Life in Lockdown as an Area Sales Manager – One Year On

Wow, what an amazing twelve months, where did that time go? Back on this day, in June 2020, I blogged on my experiences of joining Morris Lubricants in a new role, the challenges of coronavirus and moving into lockdown.

So here is an update on what has happened to me as an Area Sales Manager for Morris Lubricants, in the last twelve months. Well, unbelievably, quite a lot. The success achieved over the telephone, zoom and virtual meeting is quite incredible. Last year, I produced a plan of action and I set myself a long list of tasks and a selection of customers to target. This included selecting a market sector, such as Automotive passenger car motor oil (PCMO), identifying product benefits and then establishing potential users’ needs.

With a mixture of both new and existing contacts on my list to speak to, the challenge was set. Right from the start, the campaign was a success, everyone took the time to talk with me to answer questions and discuss their challenges. As ever it is always fantastic to be able to link together all of this information and offer real solutions as well as supply market leading products.

At Morris Lubricants we offer more than just product; we are here to help.  As shown in our recent ‘Inside the Lab’ article, the company offers a wide range of services such as, marketing assistance, technical advice, access our training academy, tank monitoring solutions, a dedicated Area Business Manager along with support from our Customer Services, and excellent delivery service.

Back in August 2020 saw the country nudge back into some sort of normality and with the agreement of customers and prospects, I hit the road again. It was wonderful to be seeing customers face-to-face; helping clients out, sharing our experiences of the last few months, catching up and most of all taking some quality time to listen, talk, laugh and smile with people again. With a few jokes along the way, the odd biscuit and a cheeky jam doughnut; there was finally a hint of normality returning to work…. or so we thought! As we all know, we went into lockdown again and it continued, but I think it is fair to say by now we have all adapted to the situation and learned to work differently. Hopefully, soon we are all to see the end of this lockdown.

As I write this today, we know we are not completely out of the woods yet, however, there is definitely light at the end of this long and sometimes miserable tunnel.  My learnings have been there is always a way; stay positive, keep focused and make and have a plan. Without the bad days, we don’t appreciate the good days. I re-visit the ‘no’, the ‘not at this time’ and the ‘we are in a contract’ later down the line. All sales teams have heard these objections on a weekly, if not daily basis, but situations do change and opportunities do arise especially if you have already established some sort of relationship. 

Those who know me I am a glass half full lass, my G and T is never half empty, especially if you’re buying, so let’s embrace this new way of working a mix of working from home and face-to-face visits, quite simply it works.

Stay focused and stay positive.


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