LKQ Euro Car Parts outlines five key focus areas for garages this summer

As part of its ongoing commitment to the independent aftermarket, LKQ Euro Car Parts has outlined the five key areas of vehicle health that garages should be focusing on this summer, from capitalising on seasonal demand for air conditioning to the importance of promoting tyre care.

The final stage of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown will soon see more vehicles on the road than at any point during the last 18 months. LKQ Euro Car Parts is encouraging garages to ensure they’re ready to meet increased demand, as well as taking steps to proactively bring in extra work and make the most of every vehicle on the ramp.

Colin Cottrell, marketing director at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “Many people are getting back on the road for the first time in a long while, and they’ve got some chunky distances planned – with staycations on the cards this summer and family and friends to reconnect with.

“Offering free vehicle health checks helps drivers make sure their vehicles are safe, comfortable and performing at their best – and can open up new revenue streams for to garages when any urgent repairs or maintenance requirements are identified along the way.

“A vehicle health check only takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, so can easily be added to jobs that are already booked in. We’ve created a handy business toolkit to help garages promote vehicle health checks in the waiting room, as well as online and on social media, to encourage more inbound enquiries.”

The toolkit also includes a checklist for technicians to use when carrying out a health check, and can be downloaded for free from the Garage Support section of the LKQ Euro Car Parts Omnihub.

LKQ Euro Car Parts’ five focus areas for garages this summer

  1. Air con – It’s easy to forget that air con is about more than just comfort in the cabin; it also plays a part in performance and safety. As well as serving those customers who come in with a specific air con-related issue this summer, garages should seize the opportunity to upsell air con checks as part of other service tasks or repairs.
  2. Fluid levels and quality – Cars need frequent TLC, and that means regular fluid checks – which are likely to have been neglected by many since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak. Fluid checks cover engine coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, wiper washer fluid and power steering fluid, as well as automatic transition fluid for customers with an automatic gearbox.
  3. Wipers – It’s important not to overlook the consumables that are common to all cars, and wipers fall into that category. Carrying out wiper checks as standard before any vehicle leaves the workshop is key to providing a best-in-class service – and your customers will thank you next time they’re driving in the rain.
  4. Battery testing – Last summer we saw unusually high demand for battery servicing, as many ran flat due to lack of use during the first lockdown. This year, the same situation might well arise again. Our advice is to test batteries as standard whenever any vehicle is brought in for servicing and repair.
  5. Tyres – The most common tyre faults tend to be worn treads, bulges and cuts in the tyre wall, all of which can have serious safety implications. It’s therefore vital that garages can offer key services such as tyre checks, replacements and wheel balancing, as well as tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) checks, for every vehicle on the ramp.

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