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It's not a traditional part of running a garage, so it's often asked: what’s to be gained from marketing?

Using free marketing tools to let your customers know you’re open can help reduce costs while you’re establishing your cash flow again.

Social Media

Using social media, for example, can help you reach customers you may not have had access to before. Encouraging conversations and recommendations on these channels can help build trust and reputation. If you do not already have a social media presence as a business, create a Facebook page for your garage. Make sure you invite your customers to like and follow you, you can use this platform to update people on your opening.


Does your Garage Management System have a function that enables you to email to your customer database?  If so, take time to learn how to do this – it’s a key way to keep in contact with your clients and maintain a relationshop

We have also created a template letter for you to direct mail or email to inform your current customer base you are open – contact your local branch for more information

Free of charge marketing tools

There are also tools that can be leveraged with little to no cost that can improve the customer experience. Local community Facebook pages, for example, are a great way to advertise a product or offer to potential clients in the area. Just a simple post can increase brand recognition among the community. We’d also recommend identifying a local newsletter that may be free to advertise in, or cost a small fee, to reach those who don’t use social media.

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