MAHLE highlights the importance of filter servicing

MAHLE Aftermarket UK is highlighting the importance of servicing filters on a vehicle for optimum engine performance

With the majority of MOTs being carried out currently due to the MOT extension given during the pandemic, MAHLE Aftermarket is advising technicians and service centres to always make sure they are following the recommended service intervals for filters, to ensure an engine performs to its best.

Jonathan Walker, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket explains: “Manufacturers set the service intervals after extensive research in all types of operating conditions. This helps to ensure maximum performance of the vehicle, reducing the chance of component failure and protecting drivers.

“After a service where the filters have been replaced, customers will notice an improvement in engine response along with improved economy. This is a direct result of changing filtration at the recommended interval.”

Changing face of the vehicle engine

As the drive for greater efficiency and less pollution from vehicle engines accelerates it is having a positive impact on vehicle filtration systems. Walker comments, “Many of the systems currently used in both petrol and diesel engines are dependent on high technology filters which work to maximise performance, economy and reduce harmful emissions.

“Hybrid and electric vehicles have also changed the focus of where and what type of filtration is required. Electric vehicles create heat in the batteries that need managing with complex cooling and filtration systems to deliver a safe clean and reliable experience, the demand for filters will still be there.”

The future for filtration is changing and becoming more complex as vehicles become more technology-driven and the changing face of a vehicle’s engine presents many opportunities for the filtration industry as a whole.

Replacement and wellbeing

For cabin filtration, MAHLE highlights the direct link between prompt replacement and the wellbeing of the driver, removing pollen or fine dust in the case of traditional cabin filters through to mould spore and airborne bacteria removal technology in advanced filters such as MAHLE Caremetix.

Walker adds, “All the filters fitted to an engine contribute to the overall performance and reliability of that engine, and to ignore the service schedule could result in expensive repairs and higher running costs to the user.

“In harsh operating conditions, it can be beneficial to change filters sooner than specified. For example, replacing the air filter more often in a dusty or urban environment.”

The whole MAHLE filter product range can be found on the brand’s easy-to-use eCatalogue. A virtual platform offering customers the option to look up any part they require for a specific vehicle to ensure they order the right part.

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