Mini Oil pressure issues

As well as a comprehensive annual training programme, one of the key benefits of the AutoCare support programme is unlimited access to the technical helpline manned by Tim Stock.

For many AutoCare members, the helpline is a critical tool to their workshop.  In a typical month, the helpline receives over 600 calls for assistance from member garages.

Calls range from simple data information requests, component locations, wiring diagrams or even service information as well as help in testing components or diagnostic processes.

Here on the help line we continue to receive calls regarding the oil pressure control on engines fitted to both the Mini and PSA variants.

These engines operate on a variable engine oil pressure control principle. This variable oil pressure can be used to reduce the load on the oil pump drive system when then engine does not require a high oil pressure.

These systems utilise a solenoid control valve installed in the main oil gallery that returns excess oil back to the sump, controlling the pressure in the main gallery precisely.

The minimum oil pressure recorded @idle should be 0.7 bar and the controlled pressure @3000 rpm between 1.2 bar to 6.5 bar.

The oil control solenoid is fitted with a Screen to filter out any contamination that could damage the valve.

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