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At Morris Lubricants, there are a wide-range of vehicle-owners, transport managers and motor racers that use a multitude of products from the vast range of oils, lubricants and greases that the 152-year-old company has to offer. We recently caught up with a collection of Morris Lubricants Racing ambassadors to hear about why they choose to use the premium-quality products that Morris Lubricants supplies.

Reliability is the key to success in motorsport, which each of the Morris Lubricants Racing Ambassadors featured here, are keen to stress. Jim ‘Gigglepin’ Marsden races a Gigglepin Defender called Bad Penny in 4×4 Off-Road Racing where he is European and British Ultra 4 Champion. He is quick to point out that using the correct oils and ones that give high-levels of protection is key to the team’s success. “Using the right oil is always important to us, which we learnt the hard way! Since switching to Morris Lubricants, we have levels of protection and lubrication that we didn’t see before. The wrong products, or products that don’t live up to the task, can cost us engines, gear boxes, race wins and lots of extra work!”

This is mirrored by Luke Harris, who competes in a very different form of racing, as he is a 9-times British Champion in Grasstrack and Speedway and thinks that the correct lubricants products give him the psychological edge over the competition: “Knowing I am using the best oils and sprays on my equipment gives me huge confidence that my bikes are always a hundred percent ready for every race and I can give a hundred percent commitment. Trusting the equipment gives me the belief that I can push the bike to the limit to go out and win every race; it’s not just a physical help, but a mental one, too.”

Ashleigh Morris, who has recently become the Scottish Rally Championship Ladies Champion, believes that the versatility of Morris Lubricants products compliments their reliability perfectly: “I’ve had JIG, my Ford Fiesta R200 for the last four years, and with all the stages and terrains that we rally on, I need oils that are reliable and easy to use, which is why I use Multivis MLR 10W-60 in my engine, Lodexol XFS 80W-140 for the gears and K48 Moly Grease on the driveshafts. Our events take place every few weeks so it can be tough on the car. You can instantly tell the difference in quality that Morris Lubricants provides; it’s important that we use the best oil to ensure that JIG runs optimally and Morris Lubricants is the perfect fit.”

And Chloe Anna Jones, who has a 2021 Husqvarna TE150i enduro bike and has recently become the Wor Ladies Enduro Champion, has been using Morris Lubricants’ oils, lubricants and greases over the past four years and couldn’t speak more highly of the products she uses: “I’ve never had an issue with the products, I’ve never had a faulty batch or a damaged vehicle, and that speaks volumes”, before adding, “I use such a variety of Morris Lubricants products: Workshop PRO MD4 Multipurpose Maintenance SprayCarb CleanerSurface ConditionerFoam Filter CleanerFoam Filter Oil and Race Super Cool. I love all the products but if I had to choose my favourite, Foam Filter Cleaner gets the filters clean within seconds without using too much, so it provides terrific value. Oh, and the smell of Foam Filter Cleaner is beautiful too!”

Jim, on the other hand, is a big fan of K2EP Longlife Lithium Complex Grease: “We use many great products, Multivis CST SS 10W-40 in the engine, Lodexol FS 75W-90 in the gear and transfer box, LHM Plus for steering and Ultralife Red Antifreeze in the cooling system, but my favourite has to be K2EP Longlife Grease. Since switching to K2EP back in 2018, we have had no propshaft failures, which in the world of 4×4 off-road racing, is very impressive!”

Luke has tried other products in the past but is happy to have Morris Lubricants supporting him: “I tried using other brands in the past but they left dark, murky stains when spilt and they’re very thick. Race C40 oil is clear and of a perfect consistency. I do love the Carb Cleaner spray too, it’s so effective at removing dirt and keeping equipment in great race specification shape”.

All of the racers, however, were keen to emphasise that the products aren’t the only reason that they enjoy being part of the Morris Lubricants Racing family. The service, support and technical advice are all key elements to their success. Ashleigh commented: “I really value Morris Lubricants’ support. They support us all with technical advice over the phoneemail, website and social media.”

Luke added: “Morris Lubricants supports me on a personal level which makes me feel like I’m a part of their team. The service we receive is second-to-none and I couldn’t ask for more from a continued sponsor.”

Chloe thinks it’s that personal aspect that sets this partnership above the others: “The team at Morris Lubricants have attended events to support us. This means a lot to me as they get to celebrate successes with me. We can pick up the phone or send an email and get a response within minutes.”

Before Jim agreed: “We work with some great partners and Morris Lubricants is right there at the top. They are always available when we need them and offer excellent on and off-track support. The technical advice that they provide is superb. Since working together, we have won multiple titles and championships and there is no greater measure of success than that”.

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