Pliers Wrench sets in a practical carry bag!

Always at hand - Pliers Wrench sets in a practical carry bag! These sets each contain three pliers wrenches of different sizes with slim, plastic-coated handles. Size M is equipped with 125, 180, and 250mm (00 19 55 S6) Size L is equipped with 150, 250, and 300mm (00 19 55 S7)

Pliers and wrench in a single tool

The pliers wrench combines many functions: It replaces an entire set of wrenches in metric and imperial sizes and can be adjusted very quickly and directly on the workpiece at the touch of a button. The joint pin engages securely, preventing unintentional shifting whilst the smooth gripping jaws are parallel to each other meaning they can grip the workpiece without damaging edges or sensitive surfaces.

Brief overview
  • Screws, grips, holds, bends and presses
  • Replaces a full set of wrenches
  • Protects sensitive surfaces
  • 10-fold manual force amplification
  • Direct working on chrome, brass, etc.
  • Fast adjustment on the workpiece at the touch of a button
  • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, oil-hardened

The KNIPEX pliers wrench

10-fold amplification of manual force: The excellent mechanics of the pliers wrench increases the applied manual force 10 times. It holds workpieces securely like a vice. Even flat objects can be gripped and processed easily thanks to the high pressing force and the parallel jaws.

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