RC Autos can now offer restoration services with our Aquablast®

"Vixen's Aquablast® is exceptional, it has helped us produce a factory finish for our customers!"
Ultra-clean Aqua blasting R C Autos in Nantwich UK, repairs cars and motorcycles and can now offer restoration services thanks to our vapor blasting machine.
The company received our bestselling Aquablast® 1215 only a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to tell us what they think of their new machine!
Before Vixen, the owner Rob Cooper was spending hours cleaning parts by hand with unsatisfactory results. Now, the 1215 model is used to quickly restore and refinish components to its expanding client base – who are very satisfied with the results! ✨
“We use the Vixen 1215 for cleaning mainly engine parts and casings, the end result is great!”
Our wet blasting technology uses a combination of water and abrasive to simultaneously blast clean and degrease. The addition of the water eliminates any dust and cushions parts to produce a shiny and lustre finish – just like this VW inlet manifold!
“The service at Vixen is second to none. They go above and beyond to help.”
You don’t have 1000’s happy Aquablast® customers for no reason! 🌍

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