Technical Briefing: BM Catalysts talks emissions standards

Quality is essential when it comes to emissions components

Emissions have become a buzzword for the entire automotive industry in recent years. Carmakers need to ensure their CO2 levels are reducing and the aftermarket has a role to play. Lowering vehicle emissions is a necessity. With the decline in vehicle sales, more petrol cars are on the UK roads. As this decline started in 2017, now is the time the aftermarket will see an influx in petrol models filtering through into workshops. With this petrol boom increases CO2 levels which is ultimately harmful to the planet. But efforts are underway to ensure that vehicles comply with emissions standards. Mark Blinston, Commercial Director at BM Catalysts, producer of emissions components, including the vital catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter (DPF) to factors and workshops across the UK and Europe spoke to auto:resource to discuss more.

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