TechTool Puts Technical Information into Technician’s Pocket

Vehicle technicians can now access technical information on MAHLE’s thermal management range for both passenger car and trucks at the click of a button thanks to the launch of a new online technical hub, TechTool.

The resource provides users with detailed insights into technical processes around thermal management, active troubleshooting and general information, all of which is instantly available online, making it easier than ever before for technicians to access the latest technical insights. 

The easy-to-use MAHLE TechTool allows technicians to access detailed tips on a range of thermal management systems, including cooling circuits, refrigerant circuits, direct charge-cooling systems, indirect charge-cooling systems and battery cooling systems, to name a few.

Users can search for information by vehicle category, including passenger car and truck options, or can opt to view information on specific components directly. 

The new platform features useful information on each system and product, and includes interactive, visual diagrams, bringing each component to life. 

Jonathan Walker, managing director of MAHLE Aftermarket Ltd, said: “Constantly evolving technology means we can communicate crucial and useful technical information with customers more efficiently than ever before. As the MAHLE TechTool can be accessed digitally, it puts all of the most up-to-date thermal management technical information in the technician’s pocket.”

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