VDO: OE Aftermarket Parts – why should you choose genuine OE Part 2

Why choose OE aftermarket parts? Part 2

VDO – Your supplier of genuine OE parts

OE auto parts lead to better savings and performance for the customer. In turn, mechanics need to buy from local motor factors, which operate as a local parts supplier. These factors then need to find a credible OE supplier.

It’s vital that OE dealers source quality parts, preferably from the vehicle supplier. Some companies might claim to only offer OE equipment and OE aftermarket parts but these may only make up a fraction of their catalogue. This is not the case with VDO, which offers nothing but OE car parts in its aftermarket range.

VDO has a venerable 90-year history of reliably providing advanced solutions and OE aftermarket parts for cars and commercial vehicles. As an OE supplier, we are a pioneer in automotive engineering, and pride ourselves on a wide range of OEM parts. Today, as part of the Continental Group, we offer OE replacement parts at the industry’s cutting edge, including OE TPMS sensors.

Whether it’s vehicle diagnostics, fuel systems, engine actuators, sensors or TPMS systems – we supply OE aftermarket parts as innovative solutions that are backed by many years of experience as a manufacturer of OE quality parts. Because they are genuine OE, you can always count on a precise fit, easy installation and high quality. Our fleet management solutions enable you to meet legal requirements, optimise your work processes and minimise costs, all by supplying OE auto parts that guarantee quality.

In addition to our versatile solutions for automobile manufacturers, we also offer a wide range of products for the trade and the service market. This includes our range of OE replacement parts, which we can offer you backed by knowledge and many years’ experience as an OE aftermarket parts supplier. Our comprehensive, fast-delivery range of high-quality OE auto parts focuses on fitting precision and simple installation, meaning our OE parts offer the same powerful benefits to factors, mechanics and customers alike.

OE Replacement Parts

We offer solutions at the same high level of quality as factory-fitted parts. With OE, you know what you really get.

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