Vixen Joins TikTok To Showcase Vapor Blasting

Vixen Surface Treatments Joins Viral Video App TikTok To Showcase The Superior Results Achieved Using Their Aquablast Range!

Vixen’s Aquablast machine is becoming the no.1 preferred choice for restoring and refinishing for the automotive industry – worldwide!

1000’s of customers across the globe every year are purchasing a vapor blasting machine from Vixen after witnessing the truly amazing results online and in person.

The machines are suitable for any bodyshop/ workshop with a completely dust-free process, which is ideal for garages where powdercoating takes place. The Aquablast range uses a combination of water mixed with abrasive and pressurised air to simultaneously blast clean and degrease parts.

Automotive parts such as brake callipers, cylinder heads, engine blocks and even alloy wheels are utterly transformed to a better than new condition.

Vixen’s vapour blasting technology is cleaner and gentler than dry blasting, and cleans by flow rather than impact. This means there is no surface damage or dimensional change whatsoever.

To view the process in more detail, click here.

To see our machines in action and find out why the Aquablast is loved worldwide, follow our new TikTok channel!


Porsche parts restored using our #Aquablast 1215. We love this video from our customers @olsenmotorsports 🤩 #Vaporblasting #vaporhoning #wetblasting

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