Vixen’s Global Wheel Lathe Customers

Kerb your enthusiasm! With an estimated 13 million cars on the road with kerbed wheels - its never been a better time to invest in cutting edge technology to repair and reproduce the diamond cut finish with our bestselling Wheel Lathe.
With Vixen’s Vertical Wheel Lathe, you can repair and reproduce the diamond cut shine in a matter of minutes… Just like our happy worldwide customers!
This compact machine uses a user-friendly Windows operating system that is familiar to all operators. The Panasonic laser probe technology scans wheels in just 30 seconds ready to process.
The Lathe then precisely cuts by removing any kerb damage and imperfections, to reproduce the diamond cut surface. 💎
Our worldwide Lathe customers can refurbish up to 20 wheels a day! This means no more outsourcing, increased productivity and bigger profits!
Would you like to offer an in-house wheel refurbishment service? Click the link below to view our Wheel Lathe and our full SMART wheel repair equipment.

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