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For all mechanics WD-40® is synonymous with instant problem solving when faced with anything from releasing seized and rusty bolts, displacing water from electrics to safely lubricating any moveable part. Question is, how can you improve on a product that’s served countless so well since the 1950’s. You can’t. But they have improved on how to deliver it so it hits exactly the right spot thanks to an ingenious innovation.

WD-40 Flexible is the evolution of the simple, but effective, red straw taped to previous cans. The first of its kind, Flexible is a hard-wearing, heat resistant totally pliable ‘straw’ that maintains its ability to feed WD-40® to exactly the right spot even if curved round the tightest of bends.

Affixed to a taller, thinner, 240 mm can which cleverly reduces overuse and waste as well as allowing for the longer flexible straw which enables even the tightest of corners previously out of reach to be targeted.

Ingeniously, the designers have incorporated its Spray 2 Ways technology that, with the flip down of the flexible straw, turns the precise direct flow to more ‘spray-like’ to cover larger areas when, for example, they opt for WD-40® to clean an engine cowling or rocker cover , or, with a short burst, for those who turn to WD-40® to swiftly clean their hands from oil and grease. Its 360° valve ensures users literally can ‘Reach the Unreachable’ even with the cannister upside down.

With the original WD-40 Multi-Use Product, it protects against moisture and corrosion, lubricates, loosens, and removes impurities, making it ideal for eliminating moisture, protecting metal surfaces against corrosion, freeing stuck mechanisms, removing rust and dirt.

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