Wheelwright: Wheel Measurements Part 1

Part 1 of helping you understand alloy wheel measurements


The diameter of a wheel is the width across from directly opposite parts of the rim – essentially how “big” the wheel is. When people talk about “rolling on 22’s”, they are essentially referring to their vehicle having 22″ diameter wheels! Our wheel designs come in a variety of diameters and some may not be suitable for your vehicle as once fitted, they may rub on the wheel arches. We use industry data to tell us, from experience, which wheels will be suitable for your vehicle.



Width is a fairly simple starting point for analysing how wheels fit to your vehicle. This is simply the width or depth of the wheel from front (face) to back, the distance between the tyre mounting flanges. Many people tend to put wider wheels on their vehicle as it is widely accepted that this will increase grip and stability as there is more tyre surface in contact with the road.

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