Work well with clamps up to a diameter of 70 mm, even where space is restricted

The conspicuously modified water pump pliers here in the picture are the Spring Hose Clamp Pliers 85 51 250 AF from KNIPEX. What is it good for? Spring hose clamps secure hoses on nozzles in e.g. engines - once fitted, they hold the hose firmly and seal it reliably on the pipe section. But when things get tight, it's sometimes necessary to grip from the side or turn, and that's where this special tool comes in: with rotatable, universal gripping inserts for a secure grip in any position. The retainer allows easy and safe working with a tightened clamp without any effort. Saves a lot of time and effort!

Excellent accessibility also under unfavourable conditions

All types and sizes of spring hose clamps up to a diameter of 70 mm can be safely opened, held and moved over hoses using the Knipex 85 51 250 AF spring hose clamp pliers: from the large spring hose clamp on a charge air hose through to a delicate clamp on a pump in the engine compartment.

The spring hose clamp pliers are slim and adapt to the situation at hand using the rotating jaw inserts.


Apply safely from all angles: rotating jaw inserts

Spring hose clamps are often installed at an angle, e.g. in engine compartments. The rotating universal inserts have been developed for work from any angle. With these spring hose clamp pliers, even clamps in a position that is not installation-friendly can be reached safely from all angles. The spring hose clamp can also be twisted in relation to the pliers while under tension.


Little effort when opening – no physical effort when holding

Due to the adjustable pliers joint, a jaw opening of up to 80 mm is possible. A clamping range of over 40 mm provides enough room to manoeuvre with all sizes of spring hose clamps. The leverage on the Knipex 85 51 250 AF is very high thanks to the long handles, enabling very large spring hose clamps to be opened safely with little effort and well-measured manual force. The locking device, which can be opened with one hand, takes over the holding of the closed clamp.

Brief overview
  • Versatile spring hose clamp pliers for clamps with a diameter of up to 70 mm
  • Rotating universal jaw inserts for working from all angles
  • Narrow head design for working well even where space is restricted
  • Locking device with one-handed release mechanism makes work easier for the user
  • Low weight (350 g)
  • Sits firmly in the hand thanks to non-slip handles
  • Chrome vanadium electric steel; forged, oil-hardened

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