Air fuses prevent hose whiplash!

Providing a safe working environment for operators is essential, especially when using pneumatic tools and compressed air.

If there is a failure in the air network and the hose is not adequately clamped, the resulting whiplash could be devastating. Failure to follow best practice can result in injuries, associated production downtime and decreased productivity.

In this video Annabelle Bray, our Accessories Product Manager, demonstrates how to fit an air fuse to an air line set-up in just a few seconds, and gives advice to increase safety in the workplace and protect workers from potential hose whiplash.

Adding an air fuse to your air line set-up will prevent you from hose whiplash.  Annabelle Bray, Accessories Product Manager at Chicago Pneumatic

Fixed between the FRL and the hose, this small accessory will prevent you from hose whiplash. It quickly shuts off the supply and resets automatically as soon as back pressure in the line downstream is restored.

Click below to discover the full range available and how to choose the right air fuse for your set up.

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