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Manufactured in OE-matching quality febi provide a wide range of Engine Thermal Management components all backed by a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

Hot Stuff, Cool Tech – febi Engine Thermal Management Parts

As the warmer weather approaches, the components keeping the engine at optimum temperature are put under more stress increasing failure rates.

febi has the solution with a comprehensive engine thermal management range which includes:

  • Thermostats
  • Coolant Flanges
  • Coolant Expansion Bottles (febiPLUS)
  • Coolant Hoses
  • Coolant Temperature Sensors
  • Water Pumps
  • Radiator Fans (febiPLUS)
  • Fan Couplings
  • Radiator Caps (febiPLUS)
  • Coolant

A combustion engine must operate in a certain temperature window to function optimally and prevent the engine from overheating, causing serious damage to the mechanics. The heat generated by the engine cooling system during engine operation must be effectively dissipated to the environment.

Various components of the engine cooling system ensure that the temperature is always at an ideal level. Three components playing a vital role in this system are Thermostats, Water Pumps and Radiator Fans.

Thermostats - for the Perfect Temperature

The Thermostat ensures that the engine reaches its ideal operating temperature as quickly as possible and then maintains it. A faulty or blocked thermostat can lead to the engine overheating.


For this reason, Ferdinand Bilstein only offers thermostats in tested OE matching quality. The product range includes thermostats for all common vehicle types in various temperature ranges, with or without a venting valve.

Water Pumps – for the Right Cooling

The task of the water pump is to circulate the cooling liquid for the heat exchange to take place in the engine.


To be reliable over a long period of time, wear parts must be robust and durable. A typical wear part on a water pump is the mechanical seal that seals the water pump shaft. This mechanical seal is of complex design and is made of certain materials (e.g. ceramic). If it leaks, the vehicle leaks coolant, which can lead to engine damage due to overheating. Only the highest quality mechanical seals are used for water pumps from febi.

Radiator fans - for Fresh Air

Electronically controlled radiator fans are present in almost all vehicles. They play an important role in controlling cooling airflow as required. They generally consist of an electric motor, which is controlled by the engine control unit as required.


There are still some Fan Couplings found in older vehicles, which consist of two discs, between which there is liquid (silicone oil). One disc is driven by the engine; the other is connected to the fan blades. If cooling is required, a bimetallic spring ensures that the liquid between the discs is transferred by adhesion to the other disc.


The more modern electronically controlled version is similar in construction, but the rough regulation of the bimetallic spring is replaced by the fine regulation of a motor control unit. This results in more precise fuel control, which saves fuel benefitting the environment.

The PLUS in Range

Did you know febi provide a range of products that wholesalers, repair shops and consumers generally only know from OE manufacturers. This is the febiPLUS range and includes parts such as Radiator Fans, Coolant Expansion Bottles and Radiator Caps.

To ensure that febi Engine Thermal Management components work flawlessly at all times, they are intensively tested. Our certified quality management tests the offered wear parts for various requirements and loads such as accuracy, dimensional accuracy and material quality.

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