Blue Print Air Filters – OE Matching Quality

Blue Print has an extensive range of more than 1,100 Air Filters covering over 90% of all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles manufactured in OE-matching quality.

On average, an air filter deals with approximately 10,000 litres of air for every one litre of fuel burned.  Particle sizes can vary from visible granules of grit and sand to microscopic soot particles, tyre rubber and brake dust.

Poor intake air filtration allows contaminants to enter the engine’s combustion area, resulting in increased wear of pistons, rings, cylinder walls and valves.

Contamination can also get past the piston rings and into the engine oil, reducing the serviceable life of the oil filter.

Original Equipment Quality

  • Blue Print air filters are manufactured with high-quality filter media to give the necessary protection and durability required for long service life, with exceptional contaminant separation and resistance to moisture and humidity.
  • Regular quality control checks guarantee a precision construction for 100% reliability and perfect fit, preventing unfiltered air from entering the air intake system and causing engine or component damage.
  • The latest hi-tech construction methods give Blue Print filters the strength and rigidity required to withstand the pressures demanded from the modern turbo and supercharged engines.
  • Fitting matching OE quality filters ensure that the engine’s performance, fuel economy and emissions remain originally designed.

Blue Print’s Quality Promise:

Blue Print air filters are the perfect fit, right-first-time


Each part is rigorously tested to ensure only the best products are available in range


Every Blue Print filter has been designed and manufactured to meet Original Equipment standards


Ensured long service-life due to optimum performance


Blue Print Air Filters can be fitted to any vehicle without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty


Confidence that filters will fit Right First Time®

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