Bosch Braking Systems. Delivering safety since 1927

Driving on the road is a part of our everyday life and we should have safe systems in place, such as a system that controls every part of the braking process - from the pedal to the wheel. A safe, high-quality braking system is what drives us: with parts, diagnostics and workshop services from Bosch.

Brake experts for more than 90 years

The Bosch range of brakes comprises of more than 10,000 different products for the UK and Ireland markets. Whether wear parts, hydraulic products or components for electronic brake systems – Bosch supports workshops with an extensive range of products. With more than 1,300 different brake pads, Bosch brake pads and discs cover more than 95% of the UK market alone. This makes it possible for workshops to work efficiently and competitively on the brake systems of a wide variety of vehicles.

Safe and reliable

Bosch is among the leading international manufacturers of brake system components. Brake pads are produced in line with the most stringent quality guidelines within Bosch production facilities in Juarez (Mexico) and Shanghai/Nanjing (China). Specifically tailored to the respective vehicle models, Bosch engineers develop new brake pad mixtures in their development laboratories in Karlsruhe (Germany) and Chicago (USA).

Bosch – a strong partner for workshops

Bosch is a strong partner that supports workshops in maintaining customer satisfaction whilst improving their profitability. Bosch offers a wide range of services comprising of first-class products, reliable service offers, and efficient diagnostics technology for workshops.

Brake Discs

Did you know that corrosion tests are ran for more than 95 hours by Bosch in our laboratories to test the coating on the disc?

Brake Pads

Did you know that 95% of European car parc is covered by the Bosch pad range?

Brake Fluid

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of cars on the road need their brake fluid changed to ensure safe operation under critical conditions?

Brake Calliper

Did you know that Bosch offers 1600 callipers in the Bx range covering 89% of the vehicle market in Europe?

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