Brake technology specialist TMD Friction rapidly expands its spare parts range

Broad market coverage is one of the crucial factors for success in the spare parts market. This goal remains a constant challenge, even for suppliers who are able to offer a spare part for almost every vehicle model already. This is because market coverage continually shrinks with each new vehicle model that is launched, unless the range is simultaneously expanded.

It has therefore been a long tradition of TMD Friction to focus on launching products quickly. 2020 was still an exceptional year in this regard – and a positive one at that, because the company has been able to add so many new products to its range.

By the end of the year, there were 827 new products spread across well-known brands; Textar, Don, Mintex and Nisshinbo.

“We are aware of how important it is for our customers to always have the latest parts in stock. We are actively helping to grow their business by providing the appropriate products for new vehicle models as quickly as possible,” says Michael Dunkel, Director Global Category & Product Management at TMD Friction.

“Leading vehicle manufacturers fit their new models with TMD Friction brake linings. Our customers benefit from this in two ways – the products for the spare parts market are available more quickly and we know exactly what is required when it comes to defining the specifications,” continues Dunkel.

As international vehicle manufacturers increasingly rely on platform strategies, market coverage increases disproportionately with each new addition. The newly added products mean that more than 2,400 further passenger car types are covered in Europe.

Workshops can find out more about new TMD Friction products online via the usual catalogue platforms or via the TMD Friction brand catalogues, such as Textar Brakebook (

It is particularly important for TMD Friction that market coverage is not a purely theoretical size. “Our aftermarket team works hard every day to maintain availability of our large product range, despite all the coronavirus-related restrictions”, continues Dunkel. “Because without good and fast availability, the large market coverage benefits neither workshops nor drivers”.


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