Carwood launches new range of Antigravity batteries for high-performance, motorsport applications

Up-to 70 percent lighter, Antigravity’s latest innovative lithium-ion technology, which can be mounted in any orientation, offers improved charge and discharge performance, is longer lasting and kinder to the environment too. Unique Re-start technology, available as a built-in option, allows one touch restart in the event of a flat battery.

Coventry, 12 November 2020: Carwood Brise, the company’s motorsport division, is partnering with leading manufacturer, Antigravity Batteries, to launch a range of high-performance batteries for the motorsport industry. The new line-up, which complements its proven starter and alternator programme and rich motorsport expertise, features Antigravity’s latest lithium-ion technology. As well as ensuring up to 70 percent weight saving over lead acid batteries, the innovative, environmentally friendly technology, delivers double the cranking power for superior starting performance. With optional built-in jump-starting, an industry first, users can quickly and easily restart the engine in the event of a flat battery, just with the touch of a button.

Launching the new programme, Steve Holden, General Manager – Carwood Brise, comments, “as an established and long-time supplier to customers in the world’s leading motorsport championships, including the World Rally Championship (WRC), World Endurance Championship (WEC), and the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Single Seater, Historic and Classic Championships, amongst others, we look forward to adding yet another high-quality, high-performance product to our portfolio. The introduction of Antigravity batteries, the final piece of our rotating electrics line-up, means that racing teams, drivers and enthusiasts around the world can now purchase their entire programme from just one supplier, with the backing of a trusted brand that they already know and love.”

The new offering consists of nine batteries for 6-volt, 12-volt and race oriented 16-volt applications, in drop-in fit OEM and small case ultra-compact sizes, in addition to a range of charging accessories. Designed to be used on all high-performance competition cars and motorcycles, the lightweight, high-power Lithium-Ion battery technology saves up-to 70 percent in weight over their lead/acid equivalent, making for a much lighter and more efficient vehicle with better starting and improved lap times.

It also features Antigravity’s unique Re-start function. Available as a built-in option, on a range of batteries, the innovative technology monitors voltage and puts the battery to sleep in the case of over-discharge. By reserving enough energy, the user can restart the vehicle, simply by pressing the Re-start button located on the top of the battery. This simple, but innovative technology, prevents flat batteries, negating the need for jump cables, booster packs or further assistance.

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