Chicago Pneumatic Sockets Forged for a Lifetime!

Chicago Pneumatic has an extensive socket range, continuing its commitment to be a comprehensive source for all users’ tooling needs.

The socket range features universal and magnetic impact sockets in a large range of metric and fractional (SAE) sizes for 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and one inch impact wrenches, in standard, deep, universal and thin wall types. The socket range, made of chrome molybdenum steel, now features a phosphate manganese finish with durable laser etched labelling. The finish provides a better grip when putting on the anvil of an impact wrench.


Also available in the range are thin-wall wheel and nut protector sockets. These sockets are overlaid with a hard, durable plastic polymer that won’t damage customers’ expensive alloy wheels.


The sockets sets are housed in tough red blow-moulded casing with retail-style labelling featuring the model number, content, bar code and colour picture.  The cases also feature heavy duty clip-style clasps to resist the rough treatment they can receive in workshops.

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