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This range of innovative battery-powered cordless torque wrenches have been designed to give you what you really need: better mobility and improved precision for working in the field, along with enhanced process and quality control through a dedicated application, CPLinQ. Precise, compact and easy to handle with a lightweight battery, the CP86 nutrunner combines reliability with new unique features. It is a good alternative to manual torque wrenches, impact wrenches and hydraulic wrenches.

A range of innovative cordless torque wrenches designed to meet your daily challenges!

SPEED to enhance mobility when working without a compressor and air hose in the field

SAFETY to reduce the risk of fatigue, discomfort and injury.

RELIABILITY to improve precision in order to implement a new level of quality in the field.

This connected tool is the first on the market available with an app to provide instant performance feedback on the job and better control quality processes in the field, increasing productivity.

The new range comprises of four models providing torque levels from 300 Nm (170 ft.lb) to 8100 Nm (5975 ft/lb) and is suitable for bolting applications in the energy, mining, construction and railway industries, for example on oil and gas pipelines, wind turbines, heavy-duty vehicles, and off-road equipment. Each model  is also available in three variants depending on the requirements of the application: the standalone CP86 tool, and the connected C as well as the CQ variants with a dedicated CPLinQ app giving performance, tool maintenance status, and a tightening report.

The CP86 nutrunner provides a constant tightening speed of up to 10 rpm for excellent control and delivers high precision with +/- 4%* accuracy. This high accuracy ensures that bolts are tightened correctly, thus preventing over- or under-tightening and the associated risks of bolt joint failure. Thanks to a new battery
generation, the tool also offers excellent mobility, allowing users to work with the tool everywhere for a long time without needing to recharge it. Since it is cordless, there is no need for pumps or compressors that are required with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Excellent process control can be achieved thanks to the CPLinQ app which provides managers with instant access to the real-time status of the tool and job performance data. The C variant features tool status management, a maintenance timeline, and an operating alert so operators can anticipate any tool issues before they arise and carry out preventative maintenance activities. By the same, the P-set mode allows securing the job by decreasing human error on torque or angle selection.

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