Crypton: Connected Exhaust Emissions Tester

Crypton’s MOT emissions tester has received Connected Equipment approval from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

This new connected emissions equipment is the latest in the company’s line of connected equipment. The DVSA introduced ‘Connected Equipment’ in October 2019 to reduce mistakes

connected equipment

 made by manually inputting MOT test results into systems. Connected MOT equipment now sends its findings to the MOT Testing System (MTS), ensuring accurate, up-to-date information. This is made possible by a stable internet connection.

Beginning with brake testers, more connected equipment has been made available to MOT centres over time. This now includes Crypton’s Combined Emissions Analyser, which is now available as garage equipment to workshop owners.


Crypton’s connected emissions testing equipment meets the highest standards set by the DVSA, and our emissions tester continues this trend. We are founding members of the Garage Equipment Association, and have worked in close partnership with the DVSA to achieve this.

As a result, our gas analysers meet the high standards previously set by our connected roller brake testers. This means we can offer smart emissions testing equipment that can send vehicle emissions data to the MTS.

The expectation is that emissions testing equipment will be made compulsory in MOT garages from 2021. This is part of a wider trend within garage equipment, as the DVSA has been carrying out numerous connected equipment trials. Alongside gas analysers, MOT equipment being trialled includes diesel smoke meter and headlamp beam testers.

Purchasing DVSA-approved equipment like MOT emissions testers will help workshop owners stay ahead of the testing equipment curve. We therefore recommend garages operating MOT equipment look out for DVSA special notices on connected equipment, and emissions testers in particular.


As well as reducing mistakes made by manual entry, connected MOT emissions testers also allow for more efficient services. As vehicle emissions information is directly sent to the MTS, mechanics do not need to enter data into the system themselves. Thanks to this smart emissions testing equipment, they can instead be freed up to carry out more MOT tests, and carrying out the best service possible. 

The connected emissions testing equipment requires an internet connection to send information to the MTS. 

The connected emissions testing equipment also keeps users up-to-date on the state of the workshop’s internet connection. In instances where the connection is affected by poor signal, the emissions tester will notify this user. Data is saved locally until the connection returns and the information can be sent to the MTS. 

Garage owners and operators can therefore enjoy further peace-of-mind, knowing they do not need to carry out tests again. Furthermore,  no testing data will be lost if the signal is down.


Crypton’s Combined Emissions Analyser continues to be regarded as a market-leading emissions tester. Now it has been approved as connected equipment by the DVSA, this is set to continue.

Used by leading fast-fits for testing petrol and diesel engines, our emissions tester is a mainstay in MOT test lanes. It is Euro 6 compatible and comes with an oil temperature probe and smoke meter that can be connected via cables or Bluetooth. Also featured is a four gas analyser that measures carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, oxygen and carbon dioxide vehicle emissions.

The emissions meter takes battery RPM measurements, with an option for on-board diagnostics. All features are housed in a quality mobile cabinet with a large 23” screen for clear visibility. The software is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system, and a printer, mouse and keyboard are included for added ease of use.

Connected emissions testing equipment from Crypton also enjoys a three-year manufacturers’ parts and labour warranty. This smart emissions testing equipment is manufactured in the UK, and Crypton offers nationwide support.

For further information on Crypton’s exhaust emissions tester, click here. To find out more about connected equipment, click this link.

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