Crypton: Will your Emissions Tester Survive?

Old emissions testers are more likely to breakdown between December and March than at any other time.

Over the cold winter months, you might experience condensation on the inside surface of your windows. Dealing with condensation can be handled by making some adjustments to your Polar bearhome, but when it comes to the garage and your emissions tester, it is more difficult to control.

Condensation is created when warm, moist air comes into contact with cooler surfaces. So when the fumes from the emissions flows through the emissions analyser’s exhaust probe, this can easily create moisture during cold winter days, which can affect its operation.

As emissions analysers have evolved over the years, unique features have now been developed to ensure any moisture which may get into the system or exhaust probe will not affect the analyser’s operation. So, is it time you upgraded your old, tired emissions analyser?

Crypton has been a recognised brand leader for emissions testing for over 100 years and enjoys significant market shares in most of the legislative emissions markets throughout the world. Wet or cold conditions present no problems to Crypton’s market leading CCP800 emissions analyser.

Its sturdy and robust design makes it perfect for handling the harshest garage environment and the weatherproof smokehead has a low warm-up time with an accurate measurement down to at least -15°C. The smoke head is available as bluetooth or cabled and has automatic calibration to ensure accuracy at all times. Wet or cold conditions present no problems to Crypton’s CCP800 emissions analyser, which is surely giving you one less thing to worry about through the cold winter months.

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