Darren Darling explains the benefits of JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean

A dirty engine that can no longer ‘breathe freely’ is often cause for concern because it is difficult to repair, repair costs are high and perhaps might even mean the end of its life cycle.

JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean

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Cleaning the air intake, combustion chamber, intake valves, EGR, injectors and variable turbo vanes of a dirty diesel engine is not an easy task. This applies both to diesels with and without turbo. JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean is a unique and extremely efficient product, that gently but effectively cleans contamination from affected components. This product truly is one of a kind, because it is much more powerful than an additive that is merely added to the fuel tank. Which is why JLM considers Diesel Intake Extreme Clean more as a treatment that rigorously tackles pollution and dirt deposits.

The various additives in JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean are resistant to high temperatures so they do not combust in the cylinder and are actually effective in the turbo and exhaust system. This means the products call also clean the turbo and EGR.

The JLM Diesel Intake Extreme Clean treatment restores the original airflow, enabling the engine to draw in clean air again and run more efficiently and more powerfully. This video from Darren Darling, The DPF Doctor, gives a great example of the before and after benefits of the JLM system.



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