Delphi tracks electronic control evolution

These days, even the simplest of service jobs now requires diagnostic intervention. We get the lowdown from Delphi Technologies on the evolution of electronic control in modern vehicles.

Vehicle technology is evolving faster than ever before. Repair focus is gradually shifting away from physical tools to software nuance as mechanical control is relinquished in favour of electronics. First fuelling, then brakes, suspension, steering and even air conditioning; computers have been gradually taking control of vehicles over the past three to four decades.

Tools for the job

Up-to-date, correct diagnostic tools are vital to help achieve garage best practice. Looking at the capability of Delphi Technologies’ DS diagnostic tools gives a little insight into the vast complexity of modern vehicles, the nuances of correct operation, and the lack of consistency across the various major vehicle manufacturers. For example, its software covers over 4,400 engine types that require diagnostics for MAF sensor replacement, 1,600 for exhaust temperature sensors, 2,400 for lambda sensors, and 11,500 for EGR-related hardware. Where nothing is simple, the correct tools and knowledge of how to use them is absolutely crucial.


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