Did You Know? Morris Lubricants Supplies More Than Just Engine Oils

Did you know that Morris Lubricants supplies more than just engine oils? Morris Lubricants are a global supplier of engine oils suitable for a wide range of vehicles. But, as well as engine oils, Morris Lubricants supplies lubricants, oils and greases to a variety of applications inside the everyday automotive vehicle. We decided to see how many different applications there are that Morris Lubricants assists with providing world-class protection to your vehicle.

Engine Oils

The Morris Lubricants Multivis range of superior-quality engine oils suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. The latest synthetic technology products are an essential component in the operation of low-emission engine designs. The chemical profiles of the Multivis range have been carefully tailored to ensure maximum after-treatment device compatibility.

Morris Lubricants’ Multivis ADT C1 5W-30 is a low-SAPS, synthetic technology engine oil formulated to meet the demands and fuel efficiency expectations of the latest petrol and diesel engines, where a low viscosity oil is required, whereas Multivis ADT C2 5W-30 is a mid-SAPS synthetic technology engine oil formulated to meet the superior performance and fuel efficiency requirements of modern engines requiring low viscosity oils for gasoline and diesel engine applications. Multivis ADT C3 5W-30 and Multivis ADT C3 5W-40 are also mid-SAPS synthetic technology engine oils but they will meet the demands and expectations of the latest petrol and diesel engines, where low viscosity oil is required. Multivis ADT C4 5W-30 is a low-SAPS synthetic technology engine oil.

Multivis ADT DV 5W-30 is a synthetic technology engine oil formulated to cope with the exacting demands of OEMs requiring low viscosity engine oils and if you have a modern diesel-engine Ford, then Multivis ADT FD 5W-30 has been specially formulated for this. If you have a Renault which was manufactured after 2018, then Multivis ADT RN 5W-30 is your specially-formulated engine oil. Multivis ADT VA 5W-30 and Multivis ADT VX 5W-30 are both synthetic technology lubricants, designed for use in the latest technology engines, including those fitted with exhaust gas after-treatment devices.

Morris Lubricants’ Multivis CST HP 5W-40 is a synthetic technology engine oil developed directly from motor racing technology and formulated for use in the latest passenger car and van engine designs, Multivis CST FB 5W-30 is a semi-synthetic multigrade engine oil specially formulated to meet the superior performance and fuel efficiency requirements of modern engines requiring low viscosity oils and Multivis CST SS 10W-40 is a synthetic based engine oil manufactured from advanced Group II and Group III base fluids and the latest additive technology.

Multivis ECO FA 0W-30 has been formulated for use in Ford’s latest technology diesel engines and Multivis ECO FB 5W-20 has been specifically developed for use in their latest fuel-efficient petrol engines. Multivis ECO VB 0W-20Multivis ECO H 0W-16 and Multivis ECO S 0W-20 are high-performance synthetic engine oils formulated to cope with the exacting demands of OEMs requiring low viscosity engine oils, whereas Multivis ECO PC 0W-30 is a new generation passenger car engine oil formulated and developed for the latest PSA petrol and diesel engines, including hybrids. Multivis ECO PV 0W-20 is a low viscosity passenger car engine oil that provides advanced fuel economy performance coupled with outstanding wear protection and cleanliness under a wide variety of driving conditions. Multivis ECO V 0W-20 and Multivis ECO V 0W-30 are low viscosity engine oils and not only provide the potential for fuel savings but a high level of component protection under a wide range of operating conditions in passenger cars.

Multivis MLR 10W-50 and Multivis MLR 10W-60 are both fully synthetic multigrade motor oils which have been developed directly from motor racing technology, where it has proved to be far superior to conventional oils under these arduous conditions.

In the Morris Lubricants Servol range, Servol 5W-30 is a mid-SAPS technology engine oil formulated to meet the demands and fuel efficiency expectations of petrol and diesel engines, where a low viscosity oil of this type is required and Servol 10W-40 is manufactured from high-quality base fluids and a carefully balanced additive system. For use in petrol and diesel engines that are turbocharged, Servol Performance Plus 15W-40 is manufactured from high-quality mineral oils and a high-performance additive system and would be the ideal product.

You can see the whole range of Morris Lubricants engine oils here.

Gear Box Oils

Morris Lubricants has a wide range of Gear and Transmission Oils to cater to your requirements. In the Lodexol range, Lodexol FS 75W-90, Lodexol XFS 75W-90 and  Lodexol XFS 80W-140 are all fully synthetic gear oils, whereas Lodexol SS 75W-90 and Lodexol SS 80W-140 will provide semi-synthetic protection. Lodexol MTF 75W-80 is a high performance, extreme pressure gear oil formulated and optimised for use in automotive gearboxes and Lodexol MTFE 75W will provide potential fuel-saving performance due to its low viscosity, which minimises friction in the gearbox. Lodexol FR-X 75W-90 is a high performance, extreme pressure gear oil, which has excellent cold start fluidity contributing to the overall fuel savings for the vehicle and Lodexol Ultra Drive 80W-90 will also provide high performance, whilst being a total driveline lubricant designed for the optimum protection of driveline components under arduous and extended oil drain conditions.

In the Morris Lubricants Multitrans range, Multitrans MTS 75W-90 is an advanced, fully synthetic gear oil developed for use in automotive light-duty and heavy-duty axles and heavy-duty non-synchronised manual transmissions and Multitrans DCT is a premium multi-vehicle DCT fluid, formulated to provide the required levels of component protection and friction control, critical to the operational efficiency and longevity of dual-clutch designs. Multitrans MPC is a high-performance transmission fluid, designed to provide rationalisation opportunities without compromising performance, Multitrans CVT is high-performance transmission fluid and Multitrans DX15 is an advanced automatic transmission fluid, primarily developed for use in Mercedes Benz 7-speed automatic gearboxes.

The next range at Morris Lubricants is the Liquimatic range, where there are five products. Liquimatic DX14 is an advanced transmission fluid, Liquimatic DS is an advanced synthetic based automotive transmission fluid that offers increased cold start efficiency resulting in improved fuel economy and Liquimatic Super ATF is an automatic transmission fluid blended from high-quality mineral oil, synthetic base fluids and a balanced additive system. Liquimatic DII and Liquimatic 33G are both automatic transmission fluids blended from highly refined mineral oils and high-performance additive systems.

XEP 80W-90EP 80W-90 and EP 85W-140 are mineral oil-based lubricants formulated for use in automotive transmission systems.

To see the full range of Morris Lubricants Gear and Transmission Oils, please click here.

Engine Coolants

Morris Lubricants’ MEG Antifreeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to –34ºC and ice damage down to –50ºC (at 50% of total coolant volume). Ultralife Red Antifreeze will protect all engines from frost damage right down to –40ºC (at 50% of total coolant volume). Both products provide outstanding protection against rust and corrosion for all parts of the cooling system and is therefore recommended for all year round use.

You can view the full range of Morris Lubricants engine coolants here.

Brake Fluids

Morris Lubricants supplies four different automotive brake fluids; MLR Racing Brake FluidDOT 4 ESP Brake FluidMulti-System Central Hydraulic Fluid and DOT 4 Brake Fluid. Each of the products has been specially formulated to maximise performance under extreme weather conditions.

Morris Lubricants’ MLR Racing Brake Fluid maintains its integrity under the most arduous of operating scenarios ensuring positive and effective braking. It is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems and is compatible with all other non-mineral brake fluids manufactured to the same specifications.

DOT 4 ESP Brake Fluid has been specially formulated to enable Electronic Stability Program (ESP) systems to operate effectively over a wide temperature range. The product is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems.

Multi-System Central Hydraulic Fluid is an advanced synthetic formulation for use in applications and vehicle systems that require the use of CHF 11S and CHF 202 fluids. The product has an outstanding performance profile that permits its use in a wide climatic temperature range and in-vehicle systems operating between -40ºC to 130ºC.

DOT 4 Brake Fluid from Morris Lubricants is made from high molecular weight polyalkylene glycol ethers and polyalkylene glycol ether borates, to give a high boiling point fluid of DOT 4 quality. The product is blended with special additives that prevent fluid oxidation, rust and the swelling of the piston seals used in conventional brake systems. It has been manufactured to exceed vehicle manufacturer’s standards and has been designed for use at high temperatures under the most severe conditions.

To view these brake fluid products, please click here.


Depending on requirements, there is a wide range of greases available at Morris Lubricants. K383 Anti-Seize Compound is made from high-quality mineral oils, while K323 Premium Blue Grease is a more sophisticated base grease that incorporates modern polymer technology and K2 EP Longlife Grease will perform exceptionally and simultaneously provide extended lubrication intervals. K6 White Brake Grease provides premium-quality protection and water-resistance in industrial and marine applications, K48 Moly Grease is to be used in anti-friction and plain-bearings which have been subjected to high-load conditions and K76 Rubber Grease is a biodegradable bentone thickened automotive grease. K41,  K42 and K43 are all premium-quality multi-purpose EP greases. K40K400 and K4000 are all semi-fluid EP Greases that have been designed for centralised lubrication systems.

You can view the range of Morris Lubricants greases here.


Morris Lubricants has a vast variety of aerosols that have been incorporated into the Workshop PRO range of products. There are both Semi-Synthetic and Fully Synthetic Chain Lubricants that protect chains to an exceptionally high standard. If you are looking for a treatment to remove dirt, grime and oily deposits from carburettors and fuel injection systems, then Workshop PRO Carb Cleaner will be the product that serves your purpose. MD4 is an effective, damp start and penetrating fluid with outstanding corrosion protection properties. Workshop Pro Solvent Degreaser is a ready for use, emulsifiable fluid, manufactured from a highly refined hydrocarbon solvent and a non-ionic surfactant. If you need your surfaces cleaned, restored or protected, then you will need Workshop PRO Surface Conditioner, but if your surface requires to be degreased then you will require Workshop PRO Solvent Cleaner.  If you require a thread lubricant then you will need Workshop PRO Anti Seize Compound and Workshop PRO White Spray Grease is a combination of calcium and zinc-based grease in an aerosol.

To view the full range of Morris Lubricants Workshop PRO aerosols, please click here.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic systems are employed in a multitude of applications, operating in a wide variety of workshops, maintenance departments and working conditions.  Consistent system performance relies on many factors, but one of the biggest contributors is hydraulic oil.  Hydraulic oils are a critical system component, but their importance is generally understated and they are wrongly considered to be commodities.

You can view the range of Morris Lubricants Hydraulic oils here.

Fuel Additives

Morris Lubricants has a trio of fuel additives that can be used depending on the fuel type that you use. For diesel vehicles, Morendo DD Diesel Fuel Treatment is used, Superclean Motortune Petrol Treatment is for petrol engines and Superclean Zero Lead Additive is a lead-free fuel treatment.

For reducing nitrogen emissions that are present in the exhaust gas stream in selective catalytic reduction systems fitted to diesel engines, then you will require AdBlue.

You can view all the fuel additives here.

Suspension Fluids

There are two suspension fluids in the Morris Lubricants range; Hydro Elastic Fluid and LHM Plus Suspension Fluid. HEF is specially developed for use in the pump-up suspension systems of the British Motor Company and Austin Rover Group front-wheel cars. LHM Plus is a mineral-based fluid that has been specially developed for use in Citröen cars.

To view the range of suspension fluids, please click here.

Power Steering Fluid

Morris Lubricants’ Power Steering Fluid is blended from highly refined mineral oils and a high-performance additive system.

Screen Wash

To clear the windscreen regardless of the time of year, then you will need the All Seasons Screenwash.

Deionised Water

Morris Lubricants’ Deionised Water is produced by an ion-exchange process, which is recognised as an alternative to distillation.

Spill Granules

Super Absorbent Floor Dressing will soak and clean up spillages and drips from floors. They are inorganic, inert and porous, and will cleanly soak up water and all oils including soluble oil emulsions and chemical solutions.

Hygiene Products

If you wish to remove road film from your vehicle, use Workshop PRO Traffic Film Remover. Morris Lubricants also has a wide range of hand care products, including Premium Hand CleanserBarrier CreamAfter-Work LotionCitrus Hand Gel and Hand Sanitiser. For all your disinfecting needs, Lento Disinfectant will provide you with powerful sanitising action and Lydian Degreasing Fluid has a powerful degreasing formula that splits the bond between solid dirt and oily matter, so that the surface can then be washed clean with water. Purolene is an ideal degreasant as it evaporates quickly to leave a dry and non-greasy surface and Terralus Viroclean is a non-toxic and water-based biodegradable cleaner.

To find out your oil requirements for your vehicle, please head to our online search tool whatoildoineed.com to find out the exact products you need. If you have any questions, please ask our Technical Team.

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