Diesel Pumps UK uses Vixen Aquablast for high performance Diesel parts

"The Aquablast hasn't just made the finish better, but makes the process so much quicker!"

Diesel Pump UK in York, UK specialises in building high performance Diesel products is one of only two manufacturers in the world who creates these types of components.

Vixen recently had the pleasure of visiting Diesel Pumps UK at their premises to see the amazing CNC facilities and how they utilise our Aquablast® 1215 machine.
Luke Dale, owner of Diesel Pumps UK said:
“I was keen to build the best product for the industry hence why we went for this machine!”
It’s great to hear and witness first-hand how our vapor blasting machine has enhanced Luke’s business by producing a better surface finish and overall product, with quicker productivity and increased profits.
As you can see in the video, the Diesel Pump has been simultaneously blasted using a dust-free process of water and abrasive to achieve a shiny uniform finish. This wet blasting process delivers repeatable results which are vital for high performance specialists like Diesel Pumps UK!
When restoration and surface finish is paramount, you can count on Vixen’s Aquablast® machines to deliver just that.
To find out more about our bestselling Aquablast® range, visit:

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