Discover the CP8854 innovative cordless impact wrench!

Unique in its class, the CP8854 is an innovative cordless impact wrench for tyre changing and designed for light vehicle tyre changing applications in workshops and roadside assistance.

First on the market to combine the twin hammer mechanism with an electric brushless motor.  This unique 2-in-1 technology combines the best features of air tools with the mobility advantages of cordless tools.  It is lightweight, compact, vibration-resistant, quiet and powerful with optimal mobility.


The CP8854 combines the performance of twin hammer mechanism technology with the advantages of an advanced brushless electric motor.  This innovation performs as well as air tools in terms of lightweight, compact design, vibration, sound, power and offers the mobility advantage of cordless tools.  It provides a built-in SHUT OFF feature for (80 ft.lbs. / ≈ 120 Nm). It has a SNUGGING feature to eliminate hand tightening. No more overtightening.


The CP8854 series comes in 2 styles 1/2” short anvil and 1/2″ 2” long anvil. Available as a tool only or in a kit with two batteries and one charger.

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