DV1s Spot Repair Spray Gun

The DeVilbiss manual spray gun range has been enhanced with a new product launch: the DV1s Spot Repair spray gun, designed to give painters the confidence to know they can achieve high-quality applications matching original finishes every time they do repair jobs.

The DV1s features 3 all-new SMART Repair air caps for controlled and homogeneous spray patterns and its selection of finely tuned air cap and nozzle setups is designed for effortless atomization. The all-new fluid tip designs allow optimum fluid flow while stabilizing air flow, which minimizes material usage, consequently providing significant paint savings.

When creating the DV1s, DeVilbiss also had the sprayers’ comfort in mind; the spray gun is light and the matte black gun body finish, consistent with the popular DV1 Clearcoat, gives painters an improved grip and easy handling for maximum comfort and ease of use.

The new DV1s is a result of listening to our customers’ feedback and trying to understand what the market requirements for a high performing Smart repair gun are. We found out our customers are demanding smaller fan patterns for more precise application of materials with finer atomization, enabling the painter to have more control in keeping paint areas and material usage to a minimum. The new DV1s meets all of these requirements. Terry Oxley, Technical Sales Representative

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