Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Safety Products

Electric and Hybrid vehicles (EHVs) can present a lethal danger to unprotected and untrained service and repair technicians, with this in mind Prosol now offer complete safety solutions to warn and protect your employees.

Our Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Personal Protection products include Class 0 Insulating Gloves and Dielectric Rubber Floor Mats, certified for safe working up to 1,000v.
An alternative (or addition) to Insulating Rubber Floor Mats are Dielectric Over-Boots, they’re not pretty but they do the job and are essential if you’re involved with vehicle recovery or part of the Rescue Services. A Full Face Arc Protection Visor should be worn at all times when working on electric and hybrid vehicles and Prosol’s dielectric visor is comfortable to wear and does its job.

Just as important as EHV personal protective equipment is warning others of the presence of Electric and Hybrid vehicles in the workshop and we supply all you need.

Most importantly of all – Your staff need to be trained BY LAW! and we have partnered with a leading provider of IMI accredited training so you can comply with the law. If you or your employees intend working on Electric, Hybrid or PEHV (Plug In Electric Hybrid) vehicles, (this even includes Air Con systems on EHVs) then a minimum IMI Accredited Level 3 qualification is required.

To see our full range of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Safety Products – Click here

If you need advice and want to discuss any requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 0114 255 7700.

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