febi Anti Roll Bar Kits – A tailor-made solution!

febi offer a range of Anti-Roll Bar Kits which include all the necessary mounting parts (e.g. bushes, stabiliser links, nuts, bolts and brackets etc.) so repairs can be completed without delay.

Anti-roll bars or sway bars play an important role in helping to keep a vehicle stable on the road. When cornering, weight is shifted to the outside of a vehicle via centrifugal force, causing it to roll to one side.

This roll would be uncomfortable for passengers, but more importantly, if this shift is not managed, the inside wheels can lose traction resulting in loss of control. In worst-case scenarios, the vehicle can rollover.

Anti-roll bars as the name implies help to prevent this roll. Connected to the left and right side of a vehicle axle, the anti-roll bar helps even out the forces by transferring the energy from the weighted side. This is achieved via a twisting motion which pulls the inner wheels back towards the vehicle body, reducing the roll.

Due to the constant twisting and flexing forces exerted on the anti-roll bar, only high-quality components must be installed. febi provide a range of over 20 Anti-Roll Bar Kits that comply precisely with the respective original equipment suppliers’ product standards.

febi’s consistent high product quality is assured with comprehensive, repeatedly performed product checks – from initial sample tests through to detailed incoming goods inspections. These test continuously challenge and reconfirm the claim of OE matching quality for every steering and suspension component.


The Advantages at a Glance

The Complete Repair Solution

febi’s range of Anti Roll Bar ProKits are a tailor-made solution. Offering assembly kits including all the necessary mounting parts (e.g. bushes, stabiliser links, nuts, bolts and brackets etc.) so repairs can be completed without delay.

Our claim to have consistent quality of parts across the entire range can be demonstrated with the febi ProKit. The high-quality standards apply to all connecting materials, not just the main wear parts.

Want quality and value? Choose febi!

Your Premium Quality Aftermarket Solution!

3-Year Guarantee

febi exclusively offers its customers’ replacement parts in OE matching quality. As a specialist with manufacturing competence, we only offer products with a high degree of installation safety and durability.


To underline our high product quality standards, we are providing a 3-year manufacturer guarantee for all of our replacement parts – exceeding the statutory warranty.


Rely on the tested, OE matching quality of febi articles and benefit from our extra service and our guarantee.

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