BM Catalysts Fitting Kits

BM Catalysts offer a wide range of fitting kits for its products, from catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) to both front and connecting pipes.

Our kits include everything from gaskets and clamps, to washers and springs, as well as nuts and bolts.

For many parts, a choice of either Kit A, B or C may be available so you can choose the right kit for your requirements. You will be advised on our online catalogue part screen whether a kit is available for a specific part.

Our fitting kit coverage boasts an impressive 87% coverage of our catalytic converters, 98% of our DPFs and 85% of our pipes, whilst also covering 99% of our Top 100 parts.

Fitting kits can be identified by the “FK” prefix followed by the 5-digit code of the part the kit corresponds with (e.g. 91263 for BM91263H), ending with either “A”, “B” or “C”, depending on the chosen kit. If you have chosen a “B” kit, this would create part number FK91263B.

More information on the entire BM Catalysts product offering can be found here.

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