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JLM Lubricants, the global brand based in The Netherlands has developed a novel GDI Injector Cleaner. Whilst Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines perform better, are more economical and more environmentally friendly than indirect-injected petrol engines, the directly injected combustion engines also get dirty faster internally. After extensive research The JLM GDI Cleaner was developed to remove stubborn build-up of dirt and to ensure that valuable parts in the engine stay clean.

Gilbert Groot founder of JLM explains: “With this product we are offering a unique one shot in-tank additive that has been developed with a 90 strong laboratory/testing team from a world class publicly listed company. It addresses a problem that is set to grow year on year. Modern petrol cars are in the main equipped with direct fuel injection. These direct injected fuel engines present problems that traditional fuel deposit control additives cannot solve. Tighter component tolerances and higher soot/particulate production make GDI engines highly sensitive to contamination as they age. As the process is gradual, the first issue that many owners report is either an illuminated engine management light, reduced power or excessive exhaust emissions causing failure at the MOT.”

Cleaning-up The Mess

As the fuel injectors are exposed to heat and the by-products of the combustion process, contamination becomes baked onto the injector tip, blocking its fine holes and altering the spray pattern. Sophisticated engine management will compensate for this injector-fouling situation, by adjusting the fuelling automatically. Yet, when the long-term fuel trim deviates beyond a typical 25% from its standard setting, the engine warning light is likely to illuminate, accompanied by the reduced power ‘limp home’ mode.
The JLM GDI Injector Cleaner addresses these problems by cleaning the inside of the injectors and the injector aperture, restoring fuel economy and lowering emissions. It offers mechanics a fully tested and unique solution to a growing problem. Until now the options have been complex and expensive because the injector has to be taken out of the engine. And with more complicated injectors there’s a risk of damaging the vehicle when trying to remove it, notwithstanding that injectors are expensive to replace. With the GDI cleaner the application process is simple; shake the bottle, pour into the fuel tank and drive. It can also be used as a maintenance product on a ‘prevention before cure’ basis.
Testing Before Launch

Laboratory tests throughout 2019 at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire demonstrated that the GDI Injector Cleaner’s active ingredients were effective at removing and inhibiting fuel injector contamination and at improving fuel consumption by 4%. Particulate emissions were also reduced. This was the reason why deposit levels within the intake manifold and behind the inlet valves were shown not to have increased during the tests, due to reduced soot levels being introduced via the EGR valve.

“For the professional workshop an important benefit is the speed at which the additive works. The tests also showed that the formulation gave a faster and more complete clean-up performance, compared to other detergent technologies that may (or may not) have only partial benefits for GDI. Because this product cleans the extremely small nozzle-openings of the gasoline injector nozzles it enables the injector to continue to atomise petrol perfectly so that combustion remains optimal. Because combustion stays clean, this results in less soot, carbon, oil and other contaminants that can adhere to other essential parts, such as valves and piston rings. The logical consequence of this is that the product not only cleans the injectors, but also cleans the entire combustion chamber and keeps it clean. Because combustion is optimal, fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions remain at the same level as that of a new engine.
On real vehicles in real workshops and within one hour of application the injection time and the emissions were restored to the factory settings on all vehicles tested,*” says Groot.
The GDI Injector Cleaning technology was tested against the leading traditional gasoline detergent technologies/ chemistries and found to provide a superior clean up performance (faster and more complete) compared to the older techs. The chemical formulation was especially designed for GDI application, whereas other detergents are for IVD and may (or may not) give limited GDI benefit.
*The chart shows the vehicle tests JLM conducted.

Other Product Benefits

The JLM GDI Injector Cleaner cleans injector nozzles of all directly injected GDI, FSI, TFSI, CGI and SIDI Euro 6/VI+ engines.
Because the engines are cleaned internally, they will perform as if new again, and the fuel consumption and the PN, NOx and CO2 emissions will be reduced.
The product also contains a friction modifier for instantaneous fuel economy benefit, a demulsifier to minimise water pick up, a corrosion inhibitor and an antioxidant for enhanced fuel stability.
A 250ml bottle treats one full tank of petrol (approx. 60ltr.)

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