Do you know that FRLs can extend the life of your tools?

FRLs – Filters, Regulators and Lubricators – guarantee the efficiency and durability of pneumatic tools. Including an FRL in your air system is vital to running an efficient air line set-up and key to achieving a good return on investment.

Adding an FRL in close proximity to the power tool will ensure the required airflow pressure, as well as good air quality by reducing the risk of moisture and dust in the air line. The FRL also helps maintain your air line by providing lubrication.

An FRL system combines 3 main functions in one system: filtration, regulation and lubrication.

1. Air filtration: The filter cleans compressed air and traps solid particles (dust, dirt, rust).

Dust in an engine could block the air flow and reduce the power of the tool leading to increased maintenance costs as well as high air consumption. Any dirt and rust could also damage the engine resulting in power loss and early wear. This increases tool repair costs and the risk of incident during production.

2. Air regulation: The regulator ensures the consistency of the dynamic working pressure at 90 psi/6.3 bar.

This is important because if the pressure is lower than the one recommended by the manufacturer, the tool can’t reach its performance level and the profitability is decreasing. If the pressure is too high, the tool wears out early. It could also breakdown leading to operator injury and a risk of damage to the application.

3. Air lubrication: The lubricator adds controlled quantities of oil into a compressed air system.

Without lubrication a tool wears out and will stop reaching its maximum level of performance. This in turn leads to a loss of productivity and increased maintenance costs.

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