Full DeVilbiss Spray Gun Range

Last year DeVilbiss has cleaned up and refreshed the designs of its existing spray gun models in order to globally align the range and consolidate its branding.

As the world was on pause, we took the opportunity to review and evaluate our current offerings and refreshed our manual spray gun range. We have categorised the existing spray gun platforms into 5 main categories based on their performance tiers in their atomization technology, durability and pricing.

Within the atomization technology we looked at the finish quality, speed of application and transfer efficiency. Regarding durability we focused on forged and anodized handles versus cast handles. We also compared pricing throughout the industry and prepared competitive segmented offers.

We are now proud to re-introduce our manual spray gun range in 5 categories:

  • Elite: DV1 series
  • Premium: PRO Lite series
  • Preferred: GPG series
  • Entry-level: FLG series
  • Economy: SLG series

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