GWTV Sykes Pickavant Carbon Tec HHO Review

GWTV visits Bowes Motors in Rotherham for an unbiased review of the popular 53400300 - Carbon Tec HHO machine from Sykes-Pickavant.

Sykes-Pickavant 53400300 - Carbon Tec HHOThe 53400300 – Carbon Tec HHO machine from Sykes-Pickavant promises to restore engine efficiency, lower emissions and aid DPF regeneration – answering garage calls for a profit generating carbon cleaning machine that’s portable and easy to use.

Philip Bowes, owner of Bowes Motors in Rotherham has been running the machine in his workshop for the last six months and, while sceptical at first, he told us that the results speak for themselves. Keen to demonstrate the machine’s capabilities, Philip tested the emissions on his garage van before giving it the oxyhydrogen service. Emissions reading prior to the service showed a value of 1.99 and a second test following the service saw the figure come down to 1.3.

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