High quality and high lifting balloon jacks

Fast, high lifting capacity balloon jacks optimised for tyre changing applications and bodywork shops!

The CP88 series of balloon jacks are built with a high-resistance diaphragm and an internal telescopic guide with a large base that can guarantee excellent stability and operational safety.   These balloon jacks can be used on column lifts.


Supplied with 1 extension: 60mm/80mm height, Chicago pneumatic balloon jacks are CE, TUV and ASME certified to bring quality and safety to your workplace.  The CP88 series is lightweight with a low profile and  2-ton capacity models with different lifting capacities from 430 to 560mm.


  • Highly resistant diaphragm, internal telescopic guide and overload safety valve for high operational safety.
  • From 1.4 foot to 1.8 foot with extension capacity for high lifting.
  • On/off ergonomic lever and 360 degree air inlet swivel for quick and easy up/down positioning.
  • 115mm (4.5 inches) to 198mm (7.8 inches) in uninflated position that is ideally adapted for low profile vehicles.
  • 3 position adjustable handle and durable composite wheels maximise easy and quick positioning under vehicles.



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